21st Century Design with Don Norman—Now Open!

In this newly-released course, your instructor is none other than Don Norman, the Godfather of UX Design!

You’ll learn how as a designer, you can apply human-centered design to solve complex global challenges. You'll learn what 21st Century skills you need to make a difference in the world—and how to develop them.

Each lesson will build upon another to expand your knowledge of human-centered design. You'll also get valuable tips from Don Norman on how to tackle complex problems, grow your influence in your organization, learn from failures, improve how you communicate and how to think (and work) in systems. 

🎓 Design for the 21st Century with Don Norman

You will get 3 months of free membership!

And you'll also learn:

  • Why designers are so special and how we can democratize design

  • How to use systems thinking to investigate the entire system

  • How today's methods for designing and measuring success are wrong

  • How to move up in a company and address bigger design challenges

  • How to communicate clearly and gain interest

The course also includes a practical Build Your Portfolio project to help you showcase what you learn in the course to recruiters and clients. In the course, you'll get free, ready-to-use downloadable templates that can help you apply Don's unique perspectives in your design practice. 

Closes in 5 days, don’t miss out and enroll now. (%48 booked currently)

Discover 21st Century Design

What does it mean to design for the 21st Century? 🔮 In this collection of FREE articles and videos, Don Norman explains what designers need to learn, develop and do in order to live up to the needs and expectations of the future. 

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