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Edition #012

Artwork: Johan Ferdian Juno Rizkinanda

Every choice we make has an impact on the planet. While individually, this impact seems small, when you add everyone up and zoom out – the picture starts to look very different. Respecting the earth is making a choice to understand the gravity of our actions, and to think about the planet we stand on when we’re making them.

Right now, we’re are taking more than we give from the Earth. The way we’re working through the world’s resources is unsustainable and dangerous. Something’s got to give.

↗️ The New York Times is still providing free access to the most important news and useful guidance on the coronavirus outbreak to help us understand the pandemic. Here are the latest updates and maps of the outbreak.

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Artwork: Peter Tarka

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Photograph: Samuel Corum / Getty Images

The Silicon Oligarchy


Can talks about Trump and the US tech oligarchy.

Kadir Nelson’s “Say Their Names”

The New Yorker

A closeup examination of the artist’s latest cover, in which the murder of George Floyd embodies the history of violence inflicted upon black people in America.

How Spotify organizes work in Figma to improve collaboration

Spotify Design

Spotify Design recently migrated to Figma. We're excited to open up the music box and describe how we've shaped the tool to suit our needs and culture at Spotify. But in this article, we're not discussing why or how we moved. Instead, this is where we're going to geek out over file structures.

How remote teams win with retention

doist blog

Doist’s Head of Marketing on how building a culture of trust, calm, and flexibility has led to the company’s 98% retention rate

How many of you know deep down that the team is working on something that no customer wants?


Most companies don't iterate directly with the customer, and so, the common practice is to depend heavily on product owners. However, line-level product owners aren’t usually industry leaders, they don’t typically do actual market research, and they occasionally aren’t even aware of pricing, packaging and operational considerations. 

There's a reason we procrastinate and it's not laziness


Procrastination is driven by our desire to avoid difficult emotions, says expert.

Learning is a learned behavior. Here’s how to get better at it

Harvard Business Review

Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to learn is a matter of intelligence. For them, learning is an immutable trait like eye color, simply luck of the genetic draw. People are born learners, or they’re not, the thinking goes. So why bother getting better at it?

The art and science of mind wandering

Ness Labs

Mind wandering, while it can take many forms, is an experience of thought shared by all of humanity. Some people see it as a negative habit that must be controlled; others as a creative necessity. The truth, as often, is more balanced: there is an art and science to mind wandering.


Bite-sized, visual learning.

What else

  • Apple WWDC 2020 is happening on Monday, June 22nd, but in a very different form than usual, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Hey a new email startup founded by Basecamp says Apple’s shaking it down for a cut of its subscriptions.

  • Mozilla introducing Firefox Private Network VPN’s official product — the Mozilla VPN.

  • Nintendo now says 300,000 accounts breached by hackers.

  • Adobe is launching Photoshop Camera, a tool designed to offer some of the power of the professional photo-editing software within a smartphone camera app.

  • Internet Archive is ending its National Emergency Library of e-books as it faces a lawsuit from publishers.

  • Twitch will start scanning livestream clips and will automatically delete copyrighted music.

  • Hulu is partnering with IMAX to exclusively carry 16 of the technology company’s documentaries in the United States, including A Beautiful Planet, Destiny in Space, and Into the Deep — but none of the titles will be available in 4K.

  • Walmart partners with Shopify to expand its online marketplace.

  • Dropbox officially launches its own password manager and a secure vault for your files.

  • Wirecard the German payments firm has seen its share price plummet almost 80% in two days after a long history of allegations of fraud (FT) came to a head when the company said it was missing €1.9bn of cash.

  • TikTok finally explains how the ‘For You’ algorithm works. For the first time, the social media company is opening up about its most mysterious feature.


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This week rocks!

Do something special this week.

A simple video that high-lights the computer setup you'll need can be found here.

But ergonomics goes a bit further, you also want to take regular breaks after sitting behind a laptop for a while. The pomodoro technique can be of help here but there's also apps that remind you to take a break, like time out.

Open-source, feel free to collaborate. If you want to commit to this idea, consider reminding yourself via

Useless facts

For looking smart at dinner parties.

🦉 Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.

👂 Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh cut off his left ear. His Self-portrait with the Bandaged Ear shows the right one bandaged because he painted the mirror image.

🤔 Phronemophobia is the fear of thinking. Phronemophobia is also related to Mnemophobia (fear of memories).

🐨 The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they could be confused at a crime scene.

💪 Chuck Norris can cook 1 minute rice in 58 seconds.

So what happens now?

Photograph: Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition

Start your own Reuse To Go Kit to make single-use disposables a thing of the past. Reusable napkins, bags, utensils, cups, bottles, wraps, containers and straws are available in a wide variety of materials and designs to fit your lifestyle.

That’s it for this edition. Here is a playlist for weekend chill and a game to help keep your brain sharp. See you next week.

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