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Edition #014

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019, we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago.

And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping outgrowing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year. And emissions keep rising – but they need to get down to 0. It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about keeping it habitable for all the living creatures on it, including ourselves. Because with this speed at which things are changing, the future seems not that bright for any of us.

ℹ️ The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has reached 10 million, and the death toll passed 500,000 on Sunday, with daily infections escalating in the U.S., India and Brazil. The New York Times is still providing free access to the most important news and useful guidance on the coronavirus outbreak to help us understand the pandemic. Here are the latest updates and maps of the outbreak.

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⚡️ElectricityMap shows you live CO2 emissions of electricity consumption.

🔴 The Good Service Scale will help you and your team understand how well your service is performing for your users, where it needs to be improved, and build a clear a plan to improve it.

👀 Visual Eyes simulates eye-tracking studies and preference tests with a 93% accurate predictive technology.

🗺 Textures.js is a JavaScript library for creating SVG patterns.

🖥 Kirby is the file-based CMS that adapts to any project, loved by developers and editors alike. With Kirby, you build your own ideal interface. Combine forms, galleries, articles, spreadsheets and more into an amazing editing experience.

🧐 Font in Logo lets you search and find fonts used by world brands.

🗃 Style Dictionary is a build system that allows you to define styles once, in a way for any platform or language to consume. A single place to create and edit your styles, and a single command exports these rules to all the places you need them - iOS, Android, CSS, JS, HTML, sketch files, style documentation, or anything you can think of.

🔥 Reviewer easily audit websites and apps with tools that turn your insights into impressive reports, ready for sharing.

Ditto is a collaboration plugin for copy and lets you manage the words across your team’s product from design to production.

👂 FailFlow has some pretty unique perspective for sounds used with products. You can humanize your UX with sounds that your users can relate to.

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Simple design is dead. Welcome to Apple’s era of customization

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“I believe in work-life Jenga, not work-life balance”: Here’s how Stacey Abrams gets things done

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Startups Weekly: US visa freeze is latest reason to build remote-first

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What else going on

Graphic: Microsoft

  • Microsoft announced an initiative to train 25 million people around the world for digital jobs. The company estimates that the global workforce will add 149 million new tech-oriented jobs by 2025.

    • Participants will get free access to Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub learning programs in addition to $15 certifications and tools to find open positions. The program will focus on funneling workers into in-demand roles poised for growth, including IT support, digital marketing, and graphic design.

  • Microsoft also revealed plans on giving up on physical retail and permanently closing all of its retail stores, while reportedly extended its pause on FB and Instagram ad spend worldwide.

  • Starbucks pauses all social media ads over hate speech concerns.

  • Volkswagen is switching 100% to electric vehicles. The Zwickau factory will produce a total of 6 models from 3 Volkswagen Group brands (Volkswagen, Audi, and Seat). This week was the last it produced a fossil fuel vehicle, vehicle #6,049,207 from the factory under Volkswagen’s reign, a Golf R Estate.

  • India bans 59 mobile apps including TikTok, WeChat, and dozens of other Chinese apps. All the list of apps and official press information is here.

  • Reddit closes a long-running forum supporting President Trump after years of policy violations. Update to Our Content Policy

  • Wirecard UK unlocks customers' cash after FCA freeze.

  • The New York Times made headlines yesterday when it said it would stop circulating articles on Apple News, because it "does not align with our strategy to fund quality journalism by building direct relationships with paying readers."

  • Google formally announced that it is buying North, the Canadian smart glasses firm.

  • Spotify brings its Premium Duo plan to the US, UK and dozens more countries.

    • Ad-free streaming for two people for $12.99 a month.

  • The tech CEOs of Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have agreed to testify at a hearing at the end of the month as part of a congressional antitrust investigation into the power of online platforms.

  • More than 500 companies have now reportedly joined the Facebook advertising boycott. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he thinks the advertisers will "be back soon enough".

  • Hamilton is arriving on streaming service Disney+, pushing the hit Broadway musical over the $1bn revenue mark, with >80% from actual live performance sales. Watch the trailer here.


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So what happens now?

Renewables are getting cheaper and many countries are committing to rely more on them and less on fossil fuels for their electricity needs. That’s good news, at least in places that get a lot of sunlight or wind. Everyone who cares about climate change should hope we continue to de-carbonize the way we generate electricity.

Making electricity is responsible for only 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions each year. So even if we could generate all the electricity we need without emitting a single molecule of greenhouse gases (which we’re a long way from doing), we would cut total emissions by just a quarter.

To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we need to get to zero net greenhouse gas emissions in every sector of the economy within 50 years—and as the IPCC recently found, we need to be on a path to doing it in the next 10 years. That means dealing with electricity, and the other 75% too.

Where do greenhouse gas emissions come from? Bill Gates breaks it down into five main categories—what he calls the grand challenges in stopping climate change.

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Answer for the quick question: Bamboo. The hat was a helmet of a foot soldier from Late Qing Dynasty, currently displaying at China National Silk Museum. There are great materials you can use to make a hat. Learn more.

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