Weekly Edition #016

The creative adult is the child who survived.

Walt Disney with the original aerial-view painting of Disneyland, produced for ABC Television. October, 1954.

“Every child is an artist,” Picasso famously proclaimed. “Every child is a scientist,” Neil deGrasse Tyson reformulated. But, as it turns out, every child is also a designer — so argues Century of the Child: Growing by Design 1900-2000 (public library), the impressive companion book to the MoMA exhibition of the same title, which explores “children as design activists in their own right, pushing against imaginative and physical limitations and constantly re-creating the world as they see it, using whatever equipment they happen to have at hand.

MoMA curator of Architecture and Design Juliet Kinchin writes in the introductory essay, titled “Hide and Seek: Remapping Modern Design and Childhood”:

We have been periodically reminded how the forces of modernity shape design and childhood in ways that are extraordinary and exhilarating yet complex and contradictory. What has remained consistent, however, is the faith among designers in the power of aesthetic activity to shape everyday life. As an embodiment of what might be, children help us to mediate between the ideal and the real: they propel our thoughts forward. Their protean nature encourages us to think in terms of design that is flexible, inclusive, and imaginative.

Further reading on Brain Pickings; A Design History of Childhood.

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Didion, with late husband, John Gregory Dunne, and late daughter, Quintana Roo Dunne. (Photo: Julian Wasser)

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The whole working-from-home thing

Apple released a sequel to its popular spot Apple’s “The Underdogs”, and as you might imagine, the team is now shown working remote in quarantine like the rest of us office hacks have been doing for the past four months. They’re tasked with creating a new prototype, ominously named Pandora’s Box, and they’re saddled with another tight timeline, a slashed budget and a litany of logistical issues due to being scattered from their colleagues.

What happened

  • Twitter accounts were simultaneously hacked on Wednesday by attackers who used the accounts — some with millions of followers — to spread a cryptocurrency scam. An analysis of the BTC wallet promoted by many of the hacked Twitter profiles shows that the account has processed 383 transactions and received almost 13 bitcoin — or approximately USD $117,000.

    • Twitter is still piecing together information about a massive hack last week that compromised 130 accounts and ground the site to a halt for hours, new details about the scope of the hack came to light over the weekend, with Twitter disclosing that hackers also stole data from eight of the compromised accounts. Further reading here.

  • Google announces 100,000 scholarships for online certificates in data analytics, project management, and UX. The company also said that it plans to invest $10 billion in India over the next five to seven years as the search giant looks to help accelerate the adoption of digital services in the key overseas market.

  • Neuralink Elon Musk’s brain-machine interface venture will share a research update on August 28.

  • International coalition of news and tech companies, including the AP, The Washington Post, Facebook and others, is partnering with a different coalition led by the BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Microsoft and The New York Times called Project Origin to fight fake news during the U.S. election.

    • The project aims to place digital watermarks on media originating from authentic content creators. The watermark will degrade when content has been manipulated.

    • The verification system will be deployed in the month leading up to the U.S. election.

  • Disney, Facebook’s top U.S. advertiser for the first half of 2020, has substantially cut ad spend on the platform, the WSJ reports.

  • Snapchat announced it's beta testing Brand Profiles, a feature that aggregates all the shiny, cool Snapchat tools into one place for marketers. As of now, thirty brands, including Ben & Jerrys, Universal Pictures, and Headspace, are testing out the platform.

    • Brand Profiles will create a permanent content hub and a profile page of sorts for brands. Snap said it’s inspired by its current Public Profiles for Creators and Shows.

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So what happens now?

Boys in a Glasgow backcourt show off their Christmas presents, which include astronaut suits and Space Hoppers. 1970

It now seems as urgent to drastically shift our conception of education and modern design as it did in 1900. What is necessary for this to happen … is a new generation equipped with new ways of thinking. … The need to foster the young child’s innate capacity for divergent thinking — the ability to come up with lots of different answers — brings us back to the early-twentieth-century pioneers of the kindergarten movement and the concept of open-ended play as a strategy for learning and design innovation …

If there is one lesson that we adults should learn from children, it is that at a time of environmental and economic crisis, play is a crucial point of connection to the physical and imaginative world. We need to give ourselves time and space for play, space in which the unpredictable can happen.

— That’s it for this edition. See you next week.

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