Where is everybody? 👾

Edition #018

Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
— Arthur C. Clarke

🤯 In 1950, Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi sat down to lunch with some of his colleagues at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he had worked five years prior as part of the Manhattan Project. According to various accounts, the conversation turned to aliens and the recent spate of UFOs. Into this, Fermi issued a statement that would go down in the annals of history: “Where is everybody?”

👾 This became the basis of the Fermi Paradox, which refers to the high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) and the apparent lack of evidence. Seventy years later, we still haven’t answered that question, which has led to many theories as to why the “Great Silence” endures. A popular one is that there must be a “Great Filter” that prevents life from reaching an advanced stage of development.

👨‍🚀 While scientists, astronomers have yet to detect alien lifeforms, most are confident of success one day, though their journey will have taken them through some intriguing highs and some despairing lows. Recently they have detected a chemical in the toxic atmosphere of Venus that could be a sign that something is alive in one of the solar system’s most inhospitable environments. (Join the conversation on Hacker News.)

ℹ️ The New York Times is still providing free access to the most important news and useful guidance on the coronavirus outbreak to help us understand the pandemic. Here are the latest updates and maps of the outbreak.

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What happened

  • Apple showing signs it may soon launch a search engine to compete against Google Search.

    • Changes in Spotlight Search on iOS and iPadOS 14 beta, a significant update to its Applebot support page, and an increase in crawling from AppleBot signify that Apple may be launching a search engine soon.

  • Unsplash collaborated with the Library of Congress and visual historian Jordan Lloyd In honor of the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington, to release restored and recolored images of the civil rights movement. You can now find the first ever copyright-free color images of the historic day and the civil rights leaders that led it, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, and John Lewis.

  • Uber launches car rentals in the UK for maximum social distancing.

  • UK ditches exam results generated by biased algorithm after student protests.

  • Germany is beginning a universal-basic-income trial with people getting $1,400 a month for 3 years.

  • Studio Ghibli releases 400 free-to-use images from eight of its classic films, with more to come.

  • Spotify wants to turn its podcasts into TV shows and movies.

So what happens now?

Dion Lee | Vox

Using fresh statistical methods, the paper downbelow re-asks the question “Are we alone?” and draws some groundbreaking conclusions: We Earthlings are not only likely to be the sole intelligence in the Milky Way, but there is about a 50 percent chance we are alone in the entire observable universe.

A team of researchers at the University of Oxford brought a new perspective to this conundrum. In early June 2008, Anders Sandberg, Eric Drexler, and Toby Ord of the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) released a paper that may solve the Fermi paradox — the discrepancy between our expected existence of alien signals and the universe’s apparent lack of them — once and for all.

— That’s it for this edition. Here are some guided meditations from Yale and an ultimate work playlist. See you next week.

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